As kids, we know the excitement of receiving and opening gifts during the holidays. We also know the joy of giving gifts to others – it feels good to make others happy. 

However, the holiday season is a time of heightened stress for many families, especially those who are struggling financially to make ends meet.  Buying gifts can compete with other priorities, like putting food on the table and paying for rent and utilities. 

Kids Backing Kids wants every child in our community to have gifts they can open during the holiday season. Last year, thanks to your generous support, our volunteers wrapped and delivered 1,350 gifts to 204 children living in our local communities. Many parents expressed to us how much love they felt from the community and how much happiness we delivered to their children. 

Once again, we are partnering with local schools, housing authorities, and health departments to make holiday gifts a reality for children.


Our 2021 Holiday Gift Drive goal is to deliver gifts to 400 children in need.

To achieve this goal, we need your help.

Please consider sponsoring a family for the holidays.

What makes the KBK Holiday Gift Drive special is that we ask children what gifts they would really like for the holidays. They give is a gift "wish list" and we shop from that list as much as we can. Help us make their wishes come true!

If you sponsor a family, we’ll give you the gift "wish lists" for two children and ask that you spend a maximum of $125 per child. When you're done shopping, our KBK volunteers will pick up the unwrapped gifts at your home. Then, on a couple of festive days in early December, our volunteers will get together and wrap all gifts for delivery to the families. 

If shopping is not your thing, you can still support the Holiday Gift Drive by making a donation to KBK in any amount. We’ll use those funds to sponsor as many families as we can. Our volunteers will do the gift shopping for you. 

Thank you for joining us in making this holiday season a special one for children in our community.

Olivia Rodrigue

Stephanos Maramaldi

Simone Rodrigue

Charlotte Elwy

Jordan Lapp

For more information, contact Olivia Rodrigue, Holiday Gift Drive Coordinator, at